Monday, June 27, 2011

Kampar Curry Chicken Bread

Kampar curry chicken bread is a kind of bread..big loaf of bread stuffed with probably half a chicken inside. It is the invention from Kampar, another town located in the state of Perak. I remember that it was such a hit among the locals and tourists  when it was first introduced and people would queiung up to try this delicacy.
It looks quite an ordinary bread besides its gigantic size but when you cut the bread open, you will find these delicious curry chicken wrapped in parchment paper or aluminium foil inside the bread. Unlike the normal curry chicken buns, the filling has to be wrapped with paper or foil otherwise the curry gravy would leak out from the dough and i dont think we can actually shape the dough without wrapping the chicken first. You can use your favourite bread recipe to make this, put the wrapped curry chicken in after the first proof of your dough when you want to shape the bread. After putting the chicken inside, you can then shape your loaf and wait for 2nd proof and then send to bake. You can also use your favourite curry chicken recipe to make this, i had used mixed chilli and curry paste to cook mine this time. By the way, the bread recipe that i used here is quite a good recipe, straight dough method, nice bread, you can use this recipe for your other bread or buns fillings.

For the bread
Ingredients A
450gm bread flour
25gms milk powder
15gms instant yeast
60gms sugar
1/2 tsp salt

Ingredient B
1 large egg, beaten mixed with 130ml cold milk + 130ml cold water

40gms butter

1.Add  all ingredients A into a mixing bowl of a machine and use a fork to stir till well mixed. Using a dough hook, add in ingredients B slowly and beat roughly for about 5 minutes until it forms a moist firm ball.
2.Add in butter and beat for around 5-10 minutes until the dough looks smooth. Remove dough into slighly floured table and mould into a big ball and let it proof for about 35-45 minutes.
3.After proof, lightly knead the dough again and let rest for another 10 minutes.
4.Roll out the dough into a big round or rectangle depending on the shape you want, put the wrapped chicken at the center and seal the dough by bringing the edges together and pinch and seal them tightly. Transfer this to your baking tray and let it rise for another 40-45 minutes.
5.You can apply egg wash (optional) and bake it a preheated oven at 170C for 25-30minutes ( different oven varies)

Curry chicken recipe
half a chicken, cut into pieces, cleaned and marinate with a little salt
mixed chilli and curry boh 40gms
2 pips garlic
6 shallots
300-400ml  water
150-250ml coconut  milk,  depending 
salt and sugar to taste

1. Pound the garlic and shallots , pour some oil into wok and saute them in wok till aromatic . Add in the chilli and curry boh/paste and saute them on low fire for around 10 minutes or less. Put in  the chicken and stir them on medium heat for several minutes.
2. Pour in water and let boil for a minute, add in the coconut milk depending how creamy you like and cover the wok and let it cook for about 10minutes. Add sugar and salt to taste. Dish up and let cool. Wrap them in aluminium foil tightly.

I am submitting this to the Aspiring Bakers Challenge # 8 - Bread Seduction ( June 2011) hosted by Jasmine from The Sweetylicious  Also at the same time, i'm sharing this in the Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Event hosted by 3 hungry tummies.


  1. We have something sold here that is known as Golden Pillow. I am glad you had used Aluminum foil to wrap the chicken. Some shops here use plastic bags which I think is just wrong...

  2. Oh I can simply imagine dunking chunks of that doughy bread into the curry, letting the gravy soak in and then tasting all that spicy goodness infused in the bread... Heavenly. :D

  3. Hi Lena,
    What a nice loaf of bread with curry chicken, very happy to see your Kampar curry chicken bread, looks delicious, congratulation you can do it. TQ for sharing.

  4. The bread looks so good.. can be eaten with or without the curry!

  5. Wow...that is a great bread with a curry parcel inside :) So I don't have to go to Kampar to get this...can drop over to your place for it :) Thanks for sharing the recipe. Will try this out one day :)

  6. my favorite bread! looks so delicious Lena, send some over please!

  7. Yummy! It's like opening a present! Awesome dish!

  8. Looks fabulous! Love this! I've made this a few months back, and now looking at yours, I'm craving it again!

  9. I was from Kampar and this bread looks just like the real thing!

  10. CP!!! You are making me soooo hungry now!! This kinda food is my favourite! *slurps* You are really good!

    psst...can you get the hint ah??

  11. Soft bread with curry as dipping sauce, perfect! I wish I can have a bite! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Yeah, I love this. I will buy this if I pass through Kampar. Next time I will bake my own, ask my dad to prepare the curry chicken and I prepare the bread dough :)

  13. The bread looks so good! Love the hidden curry surprise ;-))

  14. Looks really good, I shall consider to give it a go!^^

  15. oh yes! I love the brown on the bread! and then cracking into to dig into the chicken curry. It looks like such a difficult dish and you nailed it.

  16. Wow, What a surprise bun this is! The entire meal in a loaf. This is ideal for a picnic basket addition, no mess or washing up after eating it. Brilliant and delicious recipe idea Lena!
    Nonna is grandmother in Italian. They do every thing the authentic way by hand. They are a class of their own in home cooking. Cheers!!!

  17. Wow, looks very much better than the ones bought!!!

  18. This looks a feast to me! I'm still waiting for my boy to learn to eat curry so that I can cook this...and I'm still waiting. While waiting, I will bookmark this :D

  19. This is our family's favourite bread too. I have modified mine to be served in individual portions so that each can have their own to dunk and enjoy the curry in any way they like, as the eating can get quite fingerly :) It easier for me to handle too :) Added sesame on top for a more crispy bite.

  20. What an intriguing recipe, Lena. I've never seen anything like it, ever.

    I must try it one day. My mind is racing with other packages that can be done much the same way. Very cool...

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    P.S. You can find the rules for the Picnic Game on my latest Picnic Game Update which I just posted. Thank you so much for asking...

  21. Yes, Shirley is right - we called it Golden pillow in Singapore. Yummy...

  22. So far, I haven't try this bread. Have seen other's "tapao" it from somewhere while traveling.

  23. Wow...Lena, this is really impressive. Would make a great centre piece for any dinner, especially when you cut it right in front of the guests and serve immediately. I can already hear all the 'Wows'! :D Thanks very much for sharing.

  24. This is yummy! Dip bread into curry , heaven!

  25. Wow! Wow! Wow! The bread looks so nice and with the chicken curry yum! tQ.

  26. Lena, good job! The bread looks so addictive. lol. You know what is the trickiest part in this recipe. It was the gravy! Curry bread need loads of gravy. So, if the curry is over cooked in the bread. Then the gravy became thicken and not nice for dipping. Have you experince the same problem too?
    Have a lovely evening.

  27. woa! This bread looks so delicious. Thanks so much for the inspiration

  28. Hi Lena! We didn't cook the yeast in hot water, we actually removed the pan frm the stove, stirred till it cool before adding the yeast into it, lol!(Pic can be deceiving);D

  29. Lena, This bread (Golden Pillow) looks sooo delicious! Nice golden brown on top...I want to bookmark it!

  30. What an impressive dish. I've not seen this done before and it really is interesting. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  31. Hi Lena, I think you bake one of the finest, best looking breads I've seen. Love the colour and texture.
    And I have not eaten this for a long, long time.
    And I guess yours would be a hit with whoever lucky enough to pop one in the mouth. are good. Outstanding!

  32. Sure looks good! curry chicken goes along well with bread!

  33. Oh My! totally a different style of baking, looks amazing.

  34. hi everyone, thanks for all of your comments!!

    shirley: really nice to have you dropping by!

    kenny: the way you described it makes me want to bake this again!!

    delphine: you know something, i just thought of you when i was drafting this post..hope you will try this one day!

    claire: yeah but better with fillings..

    elin: yah, come to my house!

    jess: jess jess, where are you?? haha!

    shaz: yup, surprise!!

    joyce: make this again!!

    wendy: i heard they also have curry crabs bread too!

    sotong: hey, actually good idea!

    barb: ah?what hint?? hehe..

    vivian: thanks for sharing so much of your bread recipes with us too!

    min: ya, clever girl!!

    angie: yes, for those who have not heard of this bread will find a big surprise when they cut it open!

    alice: oh, thanks for clarifying on the yeast!!

    daphne: in those days where we dont have this kind of bread, we will find bread to dip whenever we cook curry !

    arthur: thank i know what nonna means!

    bellygood cooking: you're too kind!

    zoe: haha!he will actually take some time to learn to eat curry..

    litehomebake: thanks for dropping by, will drop by your blog soon!

    louise: thanks for coming again and i've chked out the info on the picnic game..sorry..i'm late for that!

    angeline: thanks very much for your nice comments, have you tried eating this before?

    yummy bakes: pillow? the ones in singapore must be as soft as pillow!! haha!

    littleinbox: yeah, it's not common to find it elsewhere. Even here in ipoh, i can only think of one place that sells this.

    marymoh: how are you? must be really busy with your 'kitchen'!

    sonia: that's also how we like to eat during younger days whenever my mother cooks curry..

    bananaman: thank you! thank you!

    kristy: this is my first time cooking curry for a bread.. i guess if the gravy thickens , just add in more water, haha!

  35. anh: you're most welcome, it's one of our specialty here!

    anncoo: hope you will able to try this someday too!

    mary: thanks for your always nice words!

    lee: thanks for your compliments always..i'm blushing already!!

    pete: yup, curry..malaysian all time favourites!!

    umm: yeah, we also thought so when we discovered this bread!

  36. hi Lena, this is bread with a surprise in it :)
    bread and curry - great combo
    looks so delicious :)

  37. curry is also my all time favorite! and nothing beats eating it with the crusty bread over it. Indeed weird but the ones we have here is called 933 金枕头面包. But i'm pretty sure yours is gonna taste better!

  38. Hi Lena,
    Thank you so much for remembering me, yes, I will try one day & will definately let you know the outcome.TQ

  39. alice: yes, surprise! the hidden treasure!! haha!

    alan: why 933? grades of gold??

    delphine: sure!! have a good weekend!

  40. Ohh I have eaten this before and they were delicious! Dip the bread into the curry, yum!

  41. any reason you use aluminium foil instead of oil paper(if I'm not mistaken) like the Golden Pillow?

    1. it is easier to wrap and i find it seals better.

  42. Hi Lena, I am dropping you a line that I had made this wonderful bread and linking it back to you. Thank you so much for sharing. :)