Monday, October 24, 2011

Pulut Panggang Roll

Pulut Panggang is a kind of traditional kueh made from cooked glutinous rice, flavoured with some coconut milk, stuffed with some savoury fillings and wrapped in banana leaves. If i'm not wrong, there are also some other versions of pulut panggang from elsewhere that comes with meat like fish and will be grilled over roasted fire till cooked. However, most of the pulut panggang that we find in stalls nowadays are usually comes with a simple pre cooked savoury fillings which is just as tasty. This is one simple version that i made, comes in 'sushi' roll form. I've made sushi 2 times, still learning i thought maybe i can make these into rolls too since i have the roasted seaweed sheet and the sushi bamboo mat at home. okay, maybe now the pulut panggang  doesnt look that traditional... err..not that important, right?

without the top garnishing
with top garnishing

Recipe ( with reference from Baking Diary and Awayofmind )
makes 2 'sushi' rolls
Ingredients to make glutinous rice:
150gm glutinous rice, soaked for 4 hours and drained.
blue pea flowers
150gm glutinous rice, soaked with blue pea flower juice for 4 hours and drained. To extract blue pea flower juice, boil a large bunch of blue pea flowers with water (i used about 40 of them) for few minutes and then squeeze out the pulp.
150ml coconut milk
1 tsp salt

Ingredients for filling
100gm grated coconut
50gm dried prawns, chopped coarsely
2 shallots
2 cloves garlic
20gm turmeric
1/2 tbsp coriander powder
1 lemongrass, white parts
80ml water
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
some cooking oil

2 pieces roasted seaweed

Frying the fillings: 
1. Dry fry the coconut grated till they turn lightly brown. Set aside. Pound shallots, garlic, turmeric and lemongrass and saute them with oil in wok, add in the dried prawns and  saute all till aromatic. Add in the pre fried grated coconut , taste and season them with sugar and salt. Pour in the water and fry the fillings till dry. Remove and let cool.

1. Mix all glutinous rice with 2/3 of the coconut milk and steam on high heat for 15 minutes. Fluff up the rice. Pour in the remaining coconut milk and put back to steam for further 15 minutes or till cooked. Remove from fire and let cool.
2. For rice wrapped outwards : Using a sushi roll mat, place one piece of roasted sea weed, with rough side facing up. Spread some glutinous rice over seaweed sheet , press them lightly on the seaweed sheet and flip them over. PLace some fillings across the center of the seaweed sheet and with the help of the sushi bamboo mat, roll them up like sushi. With a sharp knife, trim the edges and cut the roll into pieces. Garnish the top with some fillings.

3. For rice wrapped inwards : Using a sushi roll mat, place one piece of roasted seaweed, with rough side facing up. Spread some glutinous rice over seaweed sheet, press them lightly on the sheet, leaving about  probably 1/2" on one side of the edge. Spread the fillings across the center of the seaweed sheet and roll up.
With a sharp knife, trim the edges and cut the roll into pieces.

I am submitting this to the Aspiring Bakers #12- Traditional Kueh ( October 2011 ) hosted by Small Small Baker and also Muhibbah Malaysia Monday Event hosted by 3 hungry tummies


  1. I love everything with pulut and it's an ingenious idea to combine a traditional kuih with Japanese infamous cuisine :D

    Er, frankly, 2 rolls not enough for me, kekekek!

  2. Lena, lovely rolls.. very appetizing. I like your picture, very nice. Have a nice day.

  3. Wow ... so pretty, must be very good. Is this something like those wrap in banana leaves with dried shrimps inside?

  4. Wow. These sushi roll versions of the traditional pulut panggang sure beats the original! :)

  5. 感觉很新鲜呢!PULUT PANGGANG也是我很喜欢的,可是那个馅。。好像不容易做。

  6. Bluish pulut panggang wrapped in nori? Now, that's really innovative! I really love the look and concept of this :-).

  7. Beautiful! I thought is was a sushi at first glance :)

  8. I also thought it was sushi!! So interesting and nicely rolled... :)

  9. Me too! The first thought was sushi but of course you said it is pulut panggang. I think I may have tried the savory filling made of spicy dried shrimps (hae bee hiam)?

  10. i thought it was sushi, new way of eating pulut panggang, beautiful pictures.

  11. Mmm.... salivating looking at these rolls. More garnishing, tastes better!

  12. Just a few days ago, my Quay Lo asked if I know how to make these pulut panggang. I said I don't have a clue. Now you post this recipe. You are God send my dear! You make it a more dainty way to eat pulut panggang.

  13. Wow, kueh in sushi form, how unique! The savory filling sounds so yummy! The only time I had this was two years back and my friends made it together with me, it was called pulut tai tai which was served with so gooooood! Missed it so much but I can't find any blue pea flower here. :((

  14. mmmm Japanese sushi with a Malaysian twist. I like it. I remember eating something similar where the roll the filling outside the rice rolls.

  15. Lovely! Wish I could have a plate of your delicious looking pulut panggang!

  16. Cool cool cool- amazing, amazing, amazing, awesome! Seriously the rolls look mouth watering moist and flavorful. Now can you come make them for me!

  17. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesOctober 24, 2011 at 10:26 PM

    This is so cool...sushi kueh :) great idea!

  18. hi lena, wow, its pulut panggang- its one of my favorite kueh. I like it a bit burnt and eat hot for tea…

    your pulut panggang pics looks yummy , very innovative to use seaweed, which is highly nutritious too

  19. hi lena, wow, its pulut panggang- its one of my favorite kueh. I like it a bit burnt and eat hot for tea…

    your pulut panggang pics looks yummy , very innovative to use seaweed, which is highly nutritious too

  20. I really love this idea of not using banana leaves which at times is out of stock.

  21. Wow Lena, I never had this kind of rolls with coconut, and I know I will like them since I love glutinous rice.
    Hope you have a great week and thanks for this new me :-)

  22. Wow! They look like sushi rolls in Nonya version.

    I always like the traditional way of cooking glutinous rice with blue pea flower. This reminds me a lot of my childhood days, cooking with my dearest grandma.

  23. sushi and pulut panggang are my daughter's favorites and u managed to make them into one 'sushi kueh'! she'll love these!

  24. It really does remind me of sushi! LOL I haven't had this kueh in years!!

  25. Nowadays dare not take so much pulut.. indigestion ma..old liow.. but looking at these, can i have one Please??? :)

  26. Wow...pulut panggang in sushi form..nice!!! clever Lena :) thanks for the recipe. Will make it I am so busy with other stuff no time for kuih yet :)

  27. Wow Lena you are so creative. Really like this idea. Bookmarked this page.

  28. yvonne: thanks! if you make this, you can just double the recipe and get 4 rolls!

    amelia: thanks, i love your crochets too!

    chris: yes, the traditional one you can refer to tze from awayofmind

    kenny: you sure or not? the traditional ones are always good!actually the taste is quite the same except for the addition of that nori.

    茄子 : i'm sure you can handle the cooking part!!

    foodiva: thanks! give it a try!

    anncoo: yeah, cheat sushi!

    hanushi: thanks! like i told ann..this is cheat sushi!!

    barb: thanks, my dear!

    tigerfish: yes, it's the hae bee hiam in hokkien if i'm not wrong!

    sonia: thanks, dont have to peel the off the banana leaves, hehe..

    cheah: oh yes!

    quaypo: hope you will give this a try, sure you can make this better than me!

    Bee: if i can find extra, i'll send it to you!

    gert: the filling outside the roll? must be difficult to roll!!

    jessica: thanks, my too hope to make you some one day..

    alexis: thanks for dropping by!

    eileen: thanks, i know you can do this!

    yummylittlecooks: i've practising sushi that's why i have this idea!

  29. You know, i think you have a good collection to start Lena's Kuihs. All of them are mouth-watering not to mention how beautiful they look! Great job!

  30. I'm sure, I'm sure. Yours really look way yummier! Happy Deepavali tomorrow, btw. You have a good break too! :)

  31. Wow, u are innovative and it looks easier to make too, beautiful and delicious, yum!

  32. Lena, I love how you made your sushi kueh! I might mistake it as real sushi roll because you made it so nicely!

  33. Hi Lena, wow! Never seen these before. You are good! Very creative too.
    Looks a lot of work too, and your delicate finesse dexterity touches.
    Love your presentation and display, not to mention your classic photography.

    Best regards, have a nice day.

  34. That's a nice way to make pulut panggang, looks delicious! I won't mind eating it this way, no need to fuss over banana leaves lol!

  35. oh, this is smart!! so i can call this some kind of fusion food?? haha.. just love the presentation, it's cool~~ :)

  36. This pulul panggang rolls look so delicious and nice.

  37. Sorry for my absence on your blog, Lena. But here I am again. :)

    Trust you to think of putting together Pulut Panggang in a sushi presentation. That is very wicked!!! Salutes to you, lady!

  38. I want some too! Guess, I'm a bit too late. haha.....