Monday, June 18, 2012

Wholemeal Mantou

I like the fact that these mantous only require one time proofing and no baking powder. Not that i'm against using baking powder, not at all.. but just keen to make these because from the recipe, it sounds like pretty quick to make these.  I remember i did some sweet potatoes pau long time ago without using any baking powder, also one time proofing and they were good so i had no doubts that these mantous will just be as good. Yeah, they were soft but not to that extreme fluffy but i tell you that i'm already glad with its outcome. I've made these 3 times for the last 2 weeks, they were my breakfast. I could have added in some double action baking powder which i guess will bring more fluffiness to its texture but like i told you, i'm already happy with these so it's not necessary for me to do so, i did however made little changes to its recipe.These mantous were inspired by Cass.

Recipe ( adapted from Cass@搵到食, with reference from Jane's corner )
with some changes
250gm cake flour/plain flour
80gm wholemeal flour
3gm instant yeast
25gm castor sugar
200gm milk
vegetable oil 10gm
black sesame seeds ( optional) for garnishing

1. Combine the flour, sugar, instant yeast  and sugar together and using a fork, stir them till they are well mixed. On the machine on low speed with dough hook attached.  Add the oil into the milk together in a small jug or glass and slowly pour in to the mixer bowl with machine running. You will see that it will form into a rough dough. Continue kneading till it becomes a smooth dough, i let the machine knead for about 10 minutes.
2.Remove from machine and let the dough rest for 5 minutes. Sprinkle some black sesame seeds on the working surface and roll out the dough to a square on the surface. Roll up the dough and pinch to seal the edges. Cut the dough into 8 pieces, put in on a greaseproof paper and let it proof in the steamer for 40 minutes.
3.  Pour some water into your steamer and steam for 20-25 minutes. When time is up, open the lid of steamer a little to let steam escape and remove them from steamer after 5 minutes.


  1. yeah, very healthy mantou and sprinkle some black sesame seeds make the mantou looks nice...

  2. wow, will be great if I could have those for breakfast yeah .. LOL

  3. Hi Lena,
    Lovely mantou! The texture looks so soft and moist! Perfect! Would be lovely with some pak kopi!

  4. I want some too for breakfast, but lazy to make.
    I don't mind too, w/o baking powder, used to make pau w/o BP when i started.The only downside is smaller only, less airy.
    But I always find underproofed pau to chee-nga like dimsum shop paus. Just a matter of preference.

  5. Beautiful mantous! I like the idea of using wheat flour. They look nicely puffed to me but I suppose some people might like it lighter on the inside. I think it's fine! ... a little more bite than the usual airy ones.

  6. The mantous looks really good and as u mention, soft enough... for me too. But I will eat them with something sinful.. hehehe.. chilli crab gravy... it's heavenly to always eat mantous with the gravy.. :)

  7. These look great. Love the black sesame on the top. Thrice in two weeks, now Lena nothing can say "a keeper recipe" better than those words of yours.
    Have a wonderful week!

  8. Wow, can tell that you really like these mantou,hehe! I just finish my pumpkin dousa mantous, thinking to make another batch ;)
    Yours look very soft. I like the idea by using black sesame for topping. Must be very yummy!
    Thanks for the mentioned :)

  9. I'm interested in any mantou or steamed buns recipes. Yous look great! Definitely a keeper.

  10. eileen@hundred eighty degreesJune 18, 2012 at 5:36 PM

    I can tell that they look good! I've not been making bread, will consider mantou for the reason that it needs only one proofing. :)

  11. looks so great and so healthy that can consume everyday.

  12. Love the texture of this Mantou & so very healthy too! I've never make any mantao but would love to try your sweet potato pau! Is there a difference between mantao & pau? Or may be the texture is not the same?

  13. It's been a long time that I haven't eaten mantou ! :P I can see that it looks really good ! I want mine fried with condensed milk , please ?! lol

  14. These wholewheat mantou looks mighty soft! Can definitely tell from the texture. Will try this, and fill it with red bean paste, heehee. ;)

  15. it looks very fluffy! I'm thinking of butter with it. LOL Or fresh on its own.

  16. Lena, these mantou look so cute & very healthy indeed! They look soft too!

  17. Love the presentation: simple yet elegant! Think the black sesame is a great idea to complement the wholemeal mantou!

  18. these look wonderful - lovely healthful ingredients - fantastic!
    Mary x

  19. When I see mantou, I think of chili crab....hahaha!

    Your mantou is definitely healthy and wholesome.

  20. I am also thinking of chilli crab when I saw this! hahahaha....

  21. they look so hearty and delicious. Love the shot of the inside of the bread and the extra color from the seeds. Another great one

  22. Totally agree with Edith that these will great with chilli crab...

    I always want to my own Mantou and these look really easy to make.

  23. lena...tembamnya...
    ni kalau makan untuk sahur, mau kenyang satu hari!
    makan banyak2 tau! akak nak lena pun tembam macam mantou ni..boleh? nanti tunjuk gambar eh?

  24. Love the idea of using wholemeal and sesame seeds... really different from the usual man tou.

  25. Eh... where did my earlier comment go??

    Anyway, I was saying this wholemeal mantau is just perfect to go with a cup of hot piping coffee~

  26. Never heard of them but would definitely want to try them!Kisses,sweet Lena!

  27. I always want to make mantau, but i have no guts to make it still. I am scared, my mantau will become sek tau (hard rock). Your wholemeal mantau, healthy and fluffy, I sure like it.

  28. Oh these buns looks perfect! I have telling myself to make mantou for a longest time. And every time I see the recipe comes with baking powder, I skipped.... But yours is just what I wanted! Thanks for sharing!!

  29. Your buns always look so soft and fluffy! I wish mine always turned out like yours too! This one look lovely!

  30. Oh Lena, your whole wheat mantou looks delicious, light and so soft...I sure should bake/steam more using whole wheat :)
    Thanks for the recipe and hope you are having a great week!

  31. these! They look so soft and a healthier version mantou. Lena, you can open a pao shop! :D I need some pork belly stew to go with these.....mmmm. A friend gave me some meat pao and 1 small mantou today. She wanted me to try the mantou. But I can see that yours is much softer. I have to try and make one day. Thanks very much for sharing.

  32. Oh Lena, your buns are simply gorgeous!!! I didn't know they were called Mantou also. I love learning this stuff. I assure you, I will one day make Mantou, it's just a matter of time, and courage:)

    Another recipe to save for the file. At least I have the bread machine now, all I need is a steamer!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    P.S. We're playing the Picnic Game over at my blog. We'd sure love for you to join us!!!

  33. These I love. Everytime my family goes to the restaurant and order pork belly stew, we will fight over the mantou. I have a fear for making buns because so far not that successful.

  34. Healthy mantous! I'll like to add some nuts and seeds for more bite. Reckon this will come handy when I attempt my tomato curry in July.

  35. hanushi: hi, how are you, have you finished with your exams?

    sherleen: thanks..the black sesame seeds are just for garnishing:)

    sonia: you're back from japan?

    abby: can..if you come here.LOL!

    joyce: they would be perfect with pak kopi!

    wendy: yeah, less airy without baking powder. anyway, they rise up quite well..due to the yeast.

    diane: thanks, they are good and actually just like bread..steamed bread!

    ping: thank you! yeah, they are not too airy but still soft which i complaints!

    joyce@cc: chilli crab? yum, the mantous wld be great with the sauce. When i was little, we used to dip bread into the sauce!

    anuja: yeah, 3times..mainly is becos they are quick to make and just enjoyed eating them! YOu have a good week too!

    cass: pumpkin mantous? i've made them before but still keen to look at yours! thanks for sharing this wholemeal mantous of yours!

    vivian: yeah, i know you like steamed buns and pau a lot..hope you will like this too!

    eileen180: yeah, you can try making this..and hope you will like it. It's quite fast to make them.

    eileenlee: yeah, 1 ate them almost everyday for the past 2 weeks!No meat but just spread with kaya and also some with butter :)

    kit: to me, pau are usually more fluffy and chewy soft but some mantous can be quite fluffy too..depends on the recipe and plain mantous usually taste more bland compared to plain paus. The sweet potatoes pau are quite soft, hope you will like them!

  36. anne: oh, i havnt heard of frying with condensed milk..what is that called?

    bee2: i know you hv a few mantous day i would also like to try .

    daphne: i think you are like me,,i actually spread them with butter, some with kaya and some just eat it plain!

    jessie: thank you..i dont think they are cute..infact i want to make them smaller but each time i make them smaller, they dont seem to hold very nice on their own! i think got to do with my rolling steps..

    lala: thank you..the black sesame seeds are mainly for decorating..doesnt bring fragrance at all as i never toast them!

    mary: thank you for your kind words!

    tigerfish: you are like joyce..she also mentioned about chilli crabs!

    edith: hi, great to see you here, yeah...few of them already said it reminds them of chilli crabs..would be great to dip them in chilli crab sauce!

    jessica: thank you! that's very encouraging!

    zoe: i think you're the 4th one mentioning chilli crabs here. Zoe, you can make these, simpler than bread!

    queenie: hohoho..ok..makan banyak2..i always try to makan banyak2, to balance up you and me, hope you're having a great day!

    mich: have been wanting to make wholemeal mantous for some time until i see cass doing it last month and this recipe seems much quicker to make so got to make them!

    yvonne: thanks, yvonne..maybe you can give it a try someday.

    lenia: have you heard of paus or chinese steamed buns..they are quite like paus..or a little resembles a wholemeal bread minust the crust!

    yan: really make me laugh reading your sek tau comment!

    honeyboy: hi, nice to know you. I know what you mean about baking powder. I cant take full credit for this, these are from cass and jane's blog.Hope you will like this!

    jeannie: thanks..and i hope when i make my pavlova one day, they will look as good as yours!!

    juliana: thank very much..i like your steamed buns recipe recently..they look so pretty!

    mary: yeah..a lot of people also like to hv meat stew with mantou. hope to see you making paus one day! Thanks so much for your compliments and hv a nice day! would be visiting you soon!

    louise: thank you, infact these mantous are easier to make than breads. Oh, the picnic game..will be visiting you soon to chk that!

    phong hong: next time you can make a lot yourself , then dont hv to fight! haha! try this recipe if you's quite simple and fast!

    missyblurkit: oh, i justread that you will be having a break in july! wah, sounds like you' re woking on a menu what to cook in july!

  37. Hi Lena,
    I'm so sorry to tell you the letter R was taken about 15 minutes just before you requested it. The letters that are still available are: K, M, N, T, U, X, Y and Z I do hope you will find another letter you would like. I can't believe they've been going so quickly. It's going to be a fabulous Picnic!!! Just let me know which one you would like instead:)

  38. I shouldn't have doubt about the one rise; your pictures suggest it makes a great texture too.

  39. T it is Lena! "See" you there!!!

  40. Lena, these look very good. I like to see recipes that one uses over and over again, you know that it is a recipe that works. Which is what I need being the non-baker that I am. I have been wanting to make some breads now that I have some time. I'll try this soon!

  41. These look incredible! I just ate, and I'm already wanting some of these!

  42. Lena, I've never tried these lovely and totally delicious rolls...I need to make these, they are
    so amazing, and look oh, so yummmy!

  43. Hi Lena, Saw your comment at my blog... please teleport these mantou to us! LOL!

  44. Hi Lena, your mantou look good. Soft & fluffy.
    Got Ipoh white coffee, 1 cup please! LOL

  45. Mantou looks so soft and fluffy. Am sure they are great eaten plain, with jam or gravy from any savoury dish!

  46. Whoa, this looks good my dear. Want to make so many dishes and bakes from your blog. How lah?? Where got so much time and space in my tummy ha? LOL!

  47. Oh Yum! Boleh order ke? Boleh buka kedai makan.

  48. Gorgeous! They are wholewheat, yet so soft and light. Love them!

  49. Beautiful & healthy buns! I love it too.

  50. Yumz! Hope to try this recipe soon!

  51. So healthy.....and that is perfect for a diabetic hubby...

    I made these but substitute the milk with soya milk cause my daughter is lactose intolerant....

    just a question on the yeast I don't have a scale at home, I have to convert everything to cup and tablespoon or when I convert using a cooking converter with specification for yeast, it says that 3gm of yeast is equivalent to almost 1/2 teaspoon....BUT I saw in your sweet potato recipe, it called for 3gm of yeast or 1 1/2 teaspoon

    so I'm confused now....which amount should I use? My mantau was ok...but the texture is a little dense, not as fluffy as yours....could it be no enough of yeast?

  52. hi yeong seong, i just weighed the yeast with my digital scale. 1/2 tsp is between 1-2 gms, 1 tsp is between 2-3 gms, here you can use slightly more than 1 tsp. yea, too little yeast will result in your mantous rising very little, did your mantous rise up nicely? if not, they will turn out quite dense. If comparison to the sweet potato pau, that texture is more fluffy. The pumpkin mantous are also quite fluffy, with some baking powder added.