Monday, October 29, 2012

Overnight Yogurt Sunflower Seeds Rolls - # Twelve Loaves

When i saw the theme for this month Twelve Loaves, a monthly baking event hosted by my friend, Lora is Nuts, Seeds and Grains, i knew i got to make something for it. At the same time, i saw these beautiful rolls over at Angie's blog.. seems manageable and the ingredients are fairly common It is also something which i've never tried before for bread making, overnight yogurt fermentation. I made these 2 times, the first time i made them, i found that they were a little too sourish for me due to the yogurt , you see it uses quite a large volume of yogurt here and so the 2nd time when i made them again, i switched to another brand of yogurt, Nestle. I didnt want to make any significant changes to the amount of yogurt used in the recipe, afterall  these are called yogurt rolls. I'm pleased with the results, the crumbs are tender and the rolls give a pleasing sour tang taste. Also delighted to know how easy the shaping was done. Just roll the dough into a square , fold the four sides to meet in the middle , turn the dough over and then just cut them!

The Terengganu Food Fest will be ending in a few day's time. A gentle reminder for those who havent emailed me your entries yet, kindly do so by October 31st, 11.59 pm local time. Please dont make me stay up late that night doing the roundup, LOL!

Recipe ( from Angie's recipes ) with addition of flax seeds and butter
makes 9 rolls
150gm wholewheat flour
230g bread flour
1.5tsp sea salt
3tbsp flax seeds
6gm instant yeast
390gm yogurt
15gm butter

1. Mix the first 5 ingredients in the bowl of the electric mixer till well combined. You can use a fork to mix.
2.Attach the dough hook to the mixer and put in the yogurt, on the mixer on low speed. Let it knead till it becomes a dough, will take several minutes and put in the butter. The dough will become fairly wet after mixing in the butter. You can sprinkle some flour around the bowl. Let it knead for about 10 minutes.
3. Remove the dough and let it proof overnight ( i proofed the dough overnight in the fridge )
4. The next morning, remove the dough and roll it on a well floured surface to 40cmx40cm square. Fold each side to meet in the middle and flip the dough over. Cut the dough into 9 pieces , brush the surface with water and sprinkle with sunflower seeds. Place them on a baking tray lined baking paper. Cover with a clean cloth and let it proof for an hour.
5. Place a roasting tin at the bottom of the oven and preheat to 250C. Put the bread in the hot oven and pour  some boiling water on to the roasting tin. Close the oven and bake for about 20 mins ( I baked mine at 15 mins )

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kayu Keramat/ Fried Bread

Kayu Keramat is another local delicacy that comes from the state of Terengganu. Kayu means wood and i guess that's the obvious reason why the word 'kayu' is used to call these as these kayu keramat are shaped like piece of wood or log. When i first saw the pictures of kayu keramat on the internet, i thought they look like the chinese cruller," yau char kwai", maybe a little shorter and when i ate it, the outer crust actually reminds me of the the chinese ' ham chin peng' and the inside is soft, something like pretzels. They need to be proofed just like doughnuts before frying them. I am very thankful to KNor from Secubit Garam for clearing some of my doubts, i was not too sure on the recipe as i see some recipes use eggs and some dont. I find that these kayu keramat is not sweet , infact they are not meant to be sweet i was told as how people will usually eat them is dunk them into coffee, milo or their favourite drinks. I just got to tell you that it's really nice to eat despite the lack of sweetness, they are soft and kind of fluffy too. I would also think it will be delicious to scatter some cinnamon sugar on it if just eat it plain but that's another thing, i do not want to sway away from the traditional kayu keramat, not in line with the rules of the event :)  I also understand that in Terengganu, they now also have frozen kayu keramat for sale, just like in my hometown now..the famous salt baked chicken, it's also available now in frozen packs so that you can freeze them for later consumption.

This will be my last entry to the Terengganu Food Fest which will be ending in a week's time. Submissions will be opened till end of the month and the roundup will be up on my blog on Nov1st, 2012. If you are interested to see what others have been making, you can click our facebook page here

how i did to shape them was i rolled the dough like swiss roll and cut
them into pieces like above, from there just pull and stretch the dough to
makes it longer. 

Recipe ( from Dari Dapur Madihaa )
half of original recipe, makes around 10 rolls
250gm flour
1/2tsp soda bicarbonate
1/2 tsp instant yeast
3 tbsps sugar
1/2tbsps /8 gm butter
150ml lukewarm water

1. Put the yeast into water and leave aside for 10 mins. Dissolve sugar in remaining water and put aside. In the mixer bowl, rub in butter into flour and add in the soda bicarbonate.
2.Pour in the sugar mixture and yeast mixture and knead till smooth ( i used my mixer to knead for about 8 mins). Remove the dough from the mixer and let it proof till almost double its size ( i proofed them for almost 2 hours, depending on the temp of your room )
3.Shape them into long rolls and deep fry them till golden brown . ( what i did to shape them was after proofing completed, i rolled them out to a rectangle and rolled up like swiss roll. Then cut then into small pieces and pulled them to shape like a log. When put into the pot for frying, you can pull and stretch the dough again  to make it longer. It takes just about 2-3 minutes to cook them under low fire, in between on and off the fire a few times to control the heat )

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Asam Gumpal/ Sagupal

I do not know the existence of this dessert until it was recommended by KNor from Secubit Garam 2 weeks ago. I was told that it is a very nice dessert that comes from Terengganu and also gave me the link to the recipe. It is called Asam Gumpal or some call it as Sagupal. For those who have not heard of this, they are  steamed sago balls with sweet green beans as fillings inside and served with coconut sauce. I was very keen to try as i have not prepared any sweet desserts yet  for my Terengganu Food Fest. I am happy that i tried that and i'm happy that i liked them. The sago balls are soft and slightly chewy, and the sweet coconut sauce is further enhanced by a little ginger and fenugreek. Thanks to KNor for letting me know about this dessert, i really enjoyed my bowl of asam gumpal and also happy to bring awareness to all of you this nice sweet dessert coming from Terengganu.

green beans are boiled till soft, mashed and cook with sugar till dry 
pour some hot water onto sago, shape into disc and put in the sweetened green bean filling
sago balls..before and after steamed

Recipe ( from Malaysian's Sweets and Cakes )
makes 20 sago balls
200gm sago ( i had a mixture of white and some green coloured sagos here)
100gm green beans
salt and sugar to taste ( I used 80gm sugar)
2 cups coconut milk ( I used 200ml coconut milk plus 350ml water ) * see note*
2tbsp sugar
1 inch ginger ( cut into shreds)
1 tbsp fenugreek ( 1 used 1/2 tbsp )

1. Rinse the green beans and let soak in water for an hour . Drain and let it cook in boiling water till soft, takes about 5-10 minutes.
2.Drain and mash with a fork until mushy. In a nonstick pan, cook the sugar till turns syrup and add the mashed green beans in and let cook till dry. Remove from heat and using disposable gloves, shape the filling into small balls. This will be the filling. Leave them aside.
3. Wash the sagos and pour over hot water, not too much otherwise it will turn too soft.
4. Using a disposable gloves again, take an amount of sago, flatten it and put in the green beans filling and shape them round to seal it. Repeat for the rest of the sagos and fillings. Put them on a steamer and steam for 15-20 minutes. Remove and set them aside.
5.In a medium size pot, add the coconut milk, water, sugar, ginger and fenugreek and let it bring to a boil, stirring it. Put in the cooked sago balls. Done. Can be eaten warm or cold.

i saved a portion in the fridge and i find that the coconut milk has thickened quite a bit the next day. I added more water and boil it again, just as nice. No problem OR
you can use less coconut milk in the first stage, around 100ml coconut milk and 400ml water, then add sugar to your liking. 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ayam Percik Terengganu ( Spicy Grilled Chicken )

Ayam Percik is also one of the many favourites particularly in the east coast, Terengganu and Kelantan. When i was searching for information for my Terengganu introductory post earlier, i learnt that both Terengganu and Kelantan has their very own version of ayam percik. Both has a slightly different way of cooking from one another, their gravy are rich in flavours that comes from  a blend of ingredients like coconut milk and spices but the Terengganu's one has added chilli paste bringing it a more spicy flavour. You look at the picture below and you can see the difference. The gravy for ayam percik Kelantan is white whereas the ones in Terengganu is red due to the addition of chilli paste. What i'm posting here today is of course the Terengganu version. I'll probably make the Kelantan version when the Kelantan Food Fest comes next year.

this is the Ayam Percik Kelantan,  white gravy
photo source :

The chicken here is firstly marinated with some spices and then barbequed or grilled till they are cooked and slightly charred..I like them to be a little charred. When the chicken in ready, pour the sauce all over and you can get ready your rice!

Recipe ( from Dapur Malaysia ) with some changes
1/2 chicken ( i used 2 wings, 1 chicken whole thigh and 1 part of breast )
For marinate
4 shallots
1 clove garlic
 1 part of ginger, about an inch
1 stalk lemongrass ( white and little green part)
1/2tbsp of coriander seeds ( biji ketumbar )
1/2 tbsp of cumin seeds ( jintan putih )

Pound or blend all the above marinate ingredients and marinate for 30 minutes. Set the oven on grill (broiler) function to cook them ( i grilled them for 220C for 20 minutes) While chicken is grilling, can start cooking the gravy.

For gravy
Pounded ingredients
9 shallots
1 clove garlic
1/2 inch of ginger
oil for frying

4tbsp of cili boh ( chilli paste )
300ml coconut milk (santan )
1/4 tbsp of fenugreek seeds ( biji halba )
3 stalks of lemongrass, bruised
5gm shrimp paste ( belacan )
1/2 cup of water
3/4 tsp salt
pinch of sugar

1.In a wok, fry pounded ingredients on med low fire heat till aromatic. Add in chili boh/chili paste, stir well and pour in the 1/2 cup of water.
2. Increase the heat , put in the coconut milk, fenugreek seeds, lemongrass, belachan and stir well to combine. Add in salt and sugar to taste. Let it come to a boil and then reduce fire to simmer and cook until gravy thickens around 30-40 mins.
3. Once ready, pour onto the grilled chicken.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Palm Sugar with Coconut Jelly

I quite like the pattern formed on these agar agar, jelly. I thought it looks something like the terrazo flooring in my old house where i stayed when i was small. It is quite easy actually to make this agar agar, first we make the coconut jelly and once they are set, you just cut them into shapes. Then we can proceed to make the palm sugar agar agar and just pour it on top of all the coconut jellies that has been cut out and leave to set. Though it may seems that you are seeing a lot of these coconut jelly shapes in the agar agar, it is nothing rich in terms of flavour, just light and refreshing.

On a sidenote, just to inform that we are now moving into the 3rd week of the Terengganu Food Fest online event. The response so far has been encouraging, thanks a lot! If you have not participated yet or do not have any ideas what to cook for the event, just click here for some ideas or check our Facebook Page to see what others have been making to get some inspiration. There are still 2 weeks left to go before we move on to the next state ie Kedah. All are welcomed to join! Any enquiries, just drop me a mail or leave a comment, i will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also check out the FAQ here, thank you!

Recipe ( pattern inspired by here )
Coconut Milk Jelly
2.5tsp agar agar powder
120ml coconut milk
180ml water
1tbsp sugar

Combine agar agar powder, water and sugar in a small pot, stir and bring it to a boil till sugar dissolves. Put in the coconut milk, bring to a boil, let it simmer for about 2 minutes. Remove from heat, pour into a tray and let it cool to set. You can then use a cookie cutter or a knife to cut them into shapes you want and lie them on a tray.

Gula Melaka Jelly
6gm agar agar powder
450ml water
45gm palm sugar ( gula melaka), crushed
1 tbsp brown sugar

Combine everything in a pot and let it boil till palm sugar is dissolved. Let simmer for abt 2 mins. Remove from heat and pour the solution onto the tray with coconut jellies. Leave to cool to set. Chill in the fridge.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Danish Chocolate Streusel Swirled Coffee Cake

Here at The Home Bakers ( THB), a baking group which i'm currently attached to is now moving to our 10th bake. We are presently baking from the book, Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas and as at today, we have completed 10 recipes from the book! Anuja from Simple Baking  has picked this recipe for us to bake this round , the first bread kind that we are baking from the book thus far, Danish style. The fun part was shaping the dough even though i dont quite understand the instructions given to shape the dough. The loaf was surrounded by some chocolate streusel that makes it delicious, however i suspect that i had overbaked mine at a higher temperature cos resulting that my loaf came out not as moist as i wanted them to be. I was too 'smart' to never follow the temperature given in the book and baked them at a higher temperature.. The temperature given in the book was 160C but i set mine at 170C far as i remember, i've never baked a bread at such low temperature .After reading the question and tips section that the group members shared after baking, i'm quite certain that it was  a mistake i made..  To get the full recipe, please hop over to Anuja's blog and to view the group baking, you can click here.

after rolling up the roll, cut the loaf at 3/4" intervals, cutting 3/4 of the way thru the dough.Pull and twist
each cut side slice on its side to lie flat on alternative sides...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stuffed Crabs ( Ketam Sumbat )

Stuffed crabs is a very popular dish found in Kemaman, another district of Terengganu. It is something like a ' must eat ' food for tourists visiting there and not just that, i read that people purposely make a stop in Kemaman on the way to or back from their holidays in Cherating just to taste these crabs. If you google ' stuffed crabs kemaman' you will be able to find a list of pages on this subject alone. So i'm here today trying to replicate this famous kemaman crab dish at home judging from how people described, "stuffed with crab meat and veggies" and with a little discussion with Wendy and also tips from my mum.

Initially i made this earlier using ready cooked crab meat, then something was wrong somewhere and the 2nd time i made this, i bought the crabs and did the peeling myself , it was not a nice job doing that but i needed to try. If you plan to cook this in the future, you can actually get the ready cooked crab meat from sellers and  also ask them for the shells, i believe that they will have it, saves time but here i just want to show you that even if you are not able to get the ready cooked crab meat, you can still do it from scratch. I bought 5 crabs and after peeling the crab, the stuffing itself are just nice enough for 5 shells.

To obtain the crab meat, clean and boil the crabs first..

boil them for about 4-5 minutes or till cooked, then you can start peeling them
mix the ingredients and seasoning, dust the inner part of shells with flour and stuff in the filling
another coat of flour before frying. slowly put them into the hot oil. During the frying process,
reduce the heat to medium low, they will kind of float to the top
when cooked.

Crab meat  240gm
1 medium size onion, cut into small cubes
carrot, an inch, cut into small cubes
2 water chestnut, cut into small pieces
some coriander leaves

1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp chicken powder
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp tapioca /cornflour
dashes of white pepper

oil for deep frying and extra tapioca flour for coating

1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and put in the seasoning, mix them till well combined and leave them for 10 minutes.
2. Dust the inner part of shells with a little flour , stuff the filling into the empty crabs shells and before frying, coat the filling layer with flour again.  Repeat with the rest and deep fry them in hot oil, takes just about 4 minutes to cook each shell.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

World's Quickest Yeasted Coffee Cake

The title says it all, quickest form of yeasted bread. No proofing required and the dough rises as the oven heats up. Well, i dont really expect it to be as tender and soft like a normal bread since no kneading and proofing needed. Nevertheless, it's quite nice to be eaten when it's still warm and recommended it to be eaten on the same day. Since i made them like balls, it's like eating doughnuts, not a fluffy a little dense bread. If you are expecting some kind of a fluffy pillowy texture, then this might disappoint you. The bread is topped with a sprinkling layer of cinnamon and sugar followed by a mixture of corn syrup and brown sugar and some nuts to finish it off, not a bad combination to me..but quite sweet for me.  If you notice most of my baking recipes, i usually scale down to half cos i dont have a big family to feed and this only makes 5 muffin sizes. Yea, that little. To summarise, these are quick to make and quick to finish. I here have adjusted the quantity of syrup and sugar amount ( not what i put in earlier ) just in case if anyone interested to make it.

this is how it's inside..

Oh, i forgot to mention that this is the yeasted bread that i am baking along with my buddies, Joyce and Zoe this week and the linky will be opened for 7 days from today. We will be baking linzertart next, Nov 12, everyone is welcome to join. Any enquiries regarding the event, do write to me, joyce and zoe. Thanks!

Recipe ( from Cake Keeper by Lauren Chattman) with modification
makes 5 small yeasted bread
85gm milk
28gms unsalted butter (divide into 2 parts, 14gms each)
2 tsp instant yeast
110gm hi protein flour
1/4 tsp salt
3tbsps sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
28gm dark corn syrup ( i used golden syrup)
30gm light brown sugar
1/4 cup chopped pecans ( i used pistachios)

1. Line your muffin pan with double layer of cupcake cases. Heat the milk and 14gms of butter in a small saucepan until the butter is melted and the milk is warm to the touch. Pour into a large mixing bowl and whisk in the yeast to dissolve. Stir in the flour and salt and beat with an electric mixer on medium speed until you have a sticky dough. Divide the dough into 5 portions and shape round. Put them into the cupcake cases.
2.Combine the granulated sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar evenly over the dough.
3. Melt the remaining butter. Combine the corn syrup, brown sugar and melted butter in a medium bowl and stir. Spread over the dough and sprinkle chopped buts across the top.
4. Place the pan in a cold oven, turn the heat to 350F/177C and bake till golden and set in the center, about 20minutes. Let cool slightly and serve warm.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Roti Paun

As i've mentioned in my Terengganu introductory post earlier, Roti Paun is a popular kind of buns found in Terengganu and from what i understand , these buns are really almost half the size of our ordinary buns, super soft and taste buttery. Roti paun started with just plain buns but now they have various fillings like red beans, coconut, kaya, margerine and they can be found along many streets in Terengganu, thanks to Kak KNor from Secubit Garam for telling me that. Something funny about me regarding this MFF event is that, you know when it first started with Malacca month, i was so excited to learn and know of the various popular traditional food in malacca that made me feel like going to malacca straight away, taste the food and buy some nyonya ware back home. The same thing happened last month with Sarawak, i wished i can just fly over to sarawak and savour all the delicious food there like kolo mee, kompia and many more. And now this week i actually feel like going to Terengganu! i think by the end of this MFF event, i would want to travel to all the states in Malaysia!

The method here i'm using is gelatinised dough method from Alex Goh which i tried many times at home for my simple buns as seen in here and here. If you too want to make some roti paun to share it with us this month, use any of your favourite basic dough recipe and feel free to use any of  the fillings i mentioned just now.

get ready cubes of butter
wrap the dough with a cube of butter inside

Recipe ( with reference from Nasi Lemak Lover and )
makes around 28 little buns
Basic sweet bread dough recipe
A 100gm bread flour
    70gm boiling water

B 300gm bread flour
    100gm plain flour
    80gm sugar
    6gm salt
   20gm milk powder
   9gm instant yeast

C 175gm cold water
    60gm cold eggs

D 60gm butter

cold butter cubes

For glazing:
melted butter

1. Add the boiling waetr from A into flour, mix well to form a dough. Cover and set aside to cool. Keep in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
2.Mix B until well blended. Add in C and knead to form rough dough. Add in A and knead until well blended. Add in D and knead to form a smooth dough. Let it proof for an hour.
3. Divide each dough into 30gms, shape iinto round again. Flatten the dough and put in a cube of butter inside and seal well. Let it proof in the baking tin for another 40 minutes.
4. Bake in a preheated oven at 190C for around 12-15 minutes. Once they are out from oven, glaze with melted butter. ( i forgot to glaze!! )

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