Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chicken Cottage Pie

As some of you may know, i'm getting lazier these days so i thought of making pie without a pie crust ..i dont really have much idea what sort of crustless pie i want to make.. i remember Sonia making something like this before, a cottage pie here but this recipe was not adapted from her blog. I got it from a local magazine after learning that Sonia contributed a few recipes in that issue.. so this cottage pie recipe is one of those. I however made some changes, there are carrots , broccoli, button mushrooms and cauliflower in her recipe but i dont hv any of those, not even one carrot. But i have tomatoes and 1 small can of green peas, so these go in there. A packet of those frozen mixed peas would be good too ( that comes with carrots, green peas and corn ) if you wish, it is always our own choice, afterall the star ingredients here are the chicken and the chicken soup, Thanks for this tasty recipe, Sonia! Sure will making this again in the near future.

Also dont forget to visit my 2 other hostesses, Joyce and Zoe with their savoury pies or tarts. The linky for this theme will be opened from today up till June14, 2014. Happy baking!

RecipeSonia's recipe, adapted from Y3K magazine, may/june2013 issue ) with some changes
Ingredients A
2 large russet potatoes, peeled
3-4tbsp milk
dash of black pepper and salt

Ingredients B
300 gm chicken breast, cubed or ground
300gm green peas
1 yellow onion, chopped
1 large tomatoes, chopped
1 can cream of chicken soup
2-3tbsp olive oil/vegetable oil
dash of pepper and salt to taste
Dried parsley for garnishing

Boil potatoes in boiling water until fork tender. While the potatoes are cooking, cook the chicken fillings.

Heat up oil of ingredients B in a pan, saute chopped onions and tomatoes and cook till onions till soft
Add in chicken and cook till no longer pink. Add in green peas ( or other veggies ) and cream of chicken, cook for 1-2 mins. Season with salt and pepper. Place into a baking dish.

When the potatoes are soft, mash them with a fork, add in milk and season with salt and pepper. Spoon mashed potatoes over the chicken and rough the top with a fork. Sprinkle dried parsley over before or after baking. Bake in a preheated oven at 200C for 15-20mins, change to grill and continue to grill for 10mins or until top is golden.

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  1. Hi, Lena. Good morning!
    Oh, the top of the pie is actually looks crispy to me...

  2. Hi Lena , what a gorgeous pie , could believe those was potatoes on top . Got to try this one and soon , thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hi Lena,

    I must agree that some pies can be equally good without pie crusts or pastry... Your chicken cottage pie is one of them :D


  4. I never resist pies, they are so wonderful so delicious to me. Yes, I agree with Zoe, pie can be as good without the pastry or pie crusts. my mum used to make chicken cottage pie for us for lunch. And everytime she make it, everytime I will ask her "how do you make it?

  5. Hi Lena,
    The last time I've made any pie with potatoes as the crust was ages ago, a Jamie Oliver recipe!
    This looks good, and yummy! My pie-loving family would enjoy this as well!

  6. Remindsedme of the pot pies that I used to make for my young sons, now seldom cook this as they preferred to do the cooking from scratch, they now scoffed at my idea of using cream of chicken soup...told me I was cheating! lol! well...I was and it turned out delicious as I am sure yours was too! I should cook this another time and feed them with it...just to bake along:D

  7. oh wow! very nice... a pie-less pie... so very interesting. i have to try this.. thanks for sharing Lena

  8. Hi Lena! This is my type of pie, no need to bersusah payah to make the crust hah..hah..hah...I feel like trying one. Never baked a pie before.

  9. Lena, this looks so the fact that no crust is needed for tis pie ^^

  10. I would sometimes get "Shepherd's Pie" topped with mashed potatoes years ago when I was a student in Ireland. Haven't seen one since. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  11. Looks delicious! It also looks like a perfect recipe to help use up the odd bits of vegetables you may have in your fridge/freezer because, as you say, the chicken is the star!

  12. Now this is making me want to jump on the pie bandwagon :)

  13. looks awesome lena, i wish to have a small portion for my breakfast today, hi hi

  14. this looks SO delicious - scrumptious!

  15. I certainly would love a pie without pie crust. Potatoes is fine!

  16. Since I am trying to cut down some carb. intake, this would be a perfect crustless pie for me. It looks scrumptious!

  17. Hi Lena, I love your version of the crustless chicken the mashed potatoes on the top, and certainly not need crust for this savory and yummy goodness! I missed a few of your lovely posts...been MIA for a couple sorry for not commenting!

  18. Lena this look really amazing:)

  19. Hi Lena, a glance of the picture I thought it's 'Shepherd's Pie' ...yummy cottage pie and I love the idea to use cream of chicken soup. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Lena, I like your lazy way, I too lazy to bake the crust too heeheehee...

  21. Hi Lena!

    You lazy? I find that hard to believe, lol...Enjoying life maybe, lazy, no way!!! Just look at this cottage pie you are serving up. There looks like theirs enough for an army of people, lol...I love the way you just tossed in what you had on hand. That's what cottage pie is all about isn't it?

    Thank you so much for sharing Lena and thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I'll be up and running real soon:)

  22. Hi Lena, that's a lovely homely pie. I am just as lazy these days, looking for shortcuts. Don't agree you are lazy though. You have cooked and baked much more than many people I know;))

  23. my grandmother would love your version! She cooks something very similar to this but your extra flavoring int the topping sounds wonderful!

  24. hehe, this would be an effort for me! I make mine with sweet potato or cauliflower mash though. Love a comfort meal.

  25. How not to love this pie ! If including the pastry even merrier. Slurppp...

  26. Lena,
    I love this kind of yummy pie!!
    Simple without crust be still very very delicious!

  27. Wow this sounds so good, thanks for sharing this....


  28. Thanks for your shout out Lena. I also forgot to post this recipe in my blog, hehehe..