Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nigella's Mum In Law Madeira Cake

This madeira recipe comes from Nigella Lawson's mum in law and Nigella claims that it's the best version she had tried. I cant argue on that cos i have never made another madeira cake yet but everyone at home here said it's good. The cake was polished off within a day!.. or maybe everyone was hungry on that particular day!

According to Wikipedia, madeira cake is a sponge cake in English cookery, traditionally flavoured with lemon but let's not get confused with the term sponge cake with our usual sponge cakes here back home. Infact this is more like a pound cake with tender crumbs , golden and comes with a crispy top which gives the cake a bit of 'character' . I'm pleased with the cake, a good plain cake, it's easy to make and no stress!

So on a day when you have bugs biting your hands to bake, why not try out this , perhaps bake for your mother in law..and if you are really lazy, just bring the recipe over and ask your mother in law to bake one for you :)

Ingredients ( from How to be a Domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson )
in a 9x5 inch loaf pan
225gm softened butter
170gm sugar, plus extra for sprinkling
grated zest and juice from 1 lemon
3 large eggs
166gm self raising flour
62g plain flour

Preheat oven to 177C and line the loaf pan with baking paper. Using the paddle attachment on your mixer on medium speed,  cream the butter and sugar until light, then add in the lemon zest. Add the eggs one at a time with a tablespoon of the flour for each. Then lower the speed and mix in the rest of the flour and lemon juice and mix till well incorporated.

Pour batter into the loaf pan. Sprinkle about 2 tablespoons of sugar across the cake and bake for 1 hour or until the cake tester comes out clean. Transfer to a wire rack and let cool in the pan before unmoulding the cake.

JoyceZoe  and myself are baking this same madeira recipe for our bake along, hop over and have a look!

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  1. i'd been looking for a good madeira cake recipe.. all done within a day.. must be truly good.. shall keep this recipe!

  2. Can't help drooling over the first picture. Good clicks!

  3. Hi Lena,

    This is a great choice! Totally true that this cake has many characters! In fact, all are the yummy kinds of characters!


  4. Lena, 您好。
    早上我try烘了这个蛋糕。请问是不是有像 butter cake 或 pound cake 的味道,口感也接近的。
    嘻嘻嘻 。。。 好喜欢它特别的称呼。谢谢你的分享。

    1. pound cake to me..glad u like it

  5. Lena, I love how pretty your madeira cake looks. Thanks for the great suggestion on baking this for my mother-in-law. I think I will do this when I next see her. I'm sure she will love it ;)

  6. Hi Lena, love your beautiful cake, did you mother in law get a taste of this cake?:D Mine lost all the crusty top when I cut into it!

  7. Lena, your Madeira cake looks good! I like the cracked top and it appears to be moist, dense but tender. I must bake this too!

  8. I would love a large slice for my tea! That crisp topping looks so inviting.

  9. I sometimes think pound cakes can be a little dry, but this one looks absolutely perfect!! Wish I had a slice right now as I sip on my coffee!


  10. Hi Lena,
    Mine has the distinctive hump! I like yours better! hehe... all polished off in one day? Love it, when that happens in my house! :)

  11. I smell the nice aroma of butter and lemon in your house ^-^!

  12. This looks amazing!! I am actually craving this right now!!

  13. Thanks for choosing this wonderful recipe.

  14. Hi Lena! I'm new here and I love your "Bake Along" idea. I've joined the fun for this time challenge. Pls see my link above. Thanks for the opportunity to try out this great recipe!

    Hv a nice day! :)

    1. thanks so much..hopping over now!